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The Ash Christian Film Foundation (TACFF) was established to further the work and legacy of an Emmy award-winning actor, director, and producer filmmaker who dedicated his all-too-brief life to directing and producing independent films and giving voice to the underserved.

About the Foundation

Our Mission


Empowering Authentic Stories

Championing storytelling that navigates the complexities of fitting in, embracing individuality, and the courage to stand out, mirroring the impactful narratives found in Ash Christian's filmography.


Supporting Visionary Filmmakers

Dedicated to uplifting the work of filmmakers who venture beyond the mainstream, providing support for those whose unique voices are vital yet underrepresented in the industry.


Fostering Equality and Inclusion

TACFF supports equity and inclusion in filmmaking, with a special emphasis on cultivating and empowering LGBTQ, BIPOC and the next generation of young and emerging filmmakers.


Discover the team behind The Ash Christian Film Foundation, a dedicated group of industry leaders united in honouring the legacy of Ash Christian.

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