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Ash Loved Making Movies

Ash Christian making movies.
Ash Christian making movies.

By Cole Lannum

Ash Christian was not just another filmmaker; he was a maverick of creativity, a catalyst for change, and an unending source of inspiration. His enthusiasm, energy, and grit were unlike that of anyone else I've ever met in the industry, before or since. As an associate, collaborator, and mentor, I had the privilege of experiencing the extraordinary zeal with which Ash approached every project, a trait that seemed to serve as the heartbeat of his films.

In the face of the often seemingly insurmountable challenges inherent in every film production - juggling chaotic logistics, wrangling elusive financing, and herding the proverbial cats that are talent - Ash rarely faltered. He had a knack for navigating these immense challenges, consistently pushing towards the realization of his vision. And though these private battles were substantial, they were never apparent on the public front. Ash radiated a warmth and resilience that turned doubts into determination and obstacles into opportunities. This unwavering spirit shone consistently during our many film collaborations over the ten-plus years I knew and worked with him.

Almost every conversation I had with Ash revolved around some aspect of getting his movies made. He certainly had many interests outside of film, but when we talked about one of his projects, his eyes would light up, and you could feel his excitement. This wasn't just another job; every film project was a collective dream that inspired shared passion and ignited excitement.

Ash simply loved making movies.

His commitment to elevating voices often underserved in the industry distinguished him further. Ash saw film as a tool to shed light on human narratives and experiences that resonated deeply, creating movies that went beyond entertainment to probing the nuances of life and identity. He would often talk about the importance of sending a message but doing it in a kind and entertaining manner. This vision infused his work, guiding the way he engaged with the industry and how he chose his projects.

The Ash Christian Film Foundation was established in honor of Ash's legacy. As a board member, I am humbled and deeply honored to contribute to an institution that seeks to embody Ash's unwavering spirit and dedication to independent cinema. Through the Foundation, our goal is to champion the narratives that Ash held dear, preserving and (hopefully) amplifying his indelible mark on the world of film.

Ash, we miss you dearly, and we are committed to carrying forward your incredible journey.


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